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Tiny Toes Story

The nooks and crannies

Welcome to Tiny Toes. Our story began when COVID impacted our entire idea of family. Our CEO Tahlejay became a new mother to her baby girl Irie. This was a bittersweet time because everything was shut down and it was so hard to get some help because of fear of exposing her baby to COVID. There were many emotions because our community was so minimal, remember that saying it takes a village? It really does. With childcare centers shutting down left and right we needed to determine what the needs of our community were and how we can create balance within our new family. The ideas planted a root for Tiny Toes enrichment center.  


​Everyone was working from home way more than ever, childcare was minimal or had no staff, families were depending on a single-family income, many had to leave their jobs and stay home with their children more consistently, and many people did not have a village for their children. Eventually being home sprouted some issues for a lot of families because of our changing economy. With all that in consideration, there was so much potential for an enrichment center to fill the needs of those families who are working from home and just need to complete some tasks or who do not want to overwhelm their village or honestly just need a break without the guilt.


A big fear for our CEO was that being at home with her daughter would be under stimulating for her and how that would affect her daughter’s interactions with other children. Creating an enrichment center like this really ticked many boxes for her needs as well as a lot of families around her.  With Tahlejay's 15 years of experience in early childhood education, she was able to put together an enrichment program that stimulates children aged 6 months to 5 years old.


 Tiny Toes is a developmentally appropriate facility that embraces the growth of children and builds a family community looking for a new solution to education to meet our adaptive times. Here, our enrichments are taught with Montessori, Reggio- Emilia and Erik Erikson’s theory on learning. We understand and embrace the theory of the whole child, so we have influences of additional theories in our curriculum and daily activities.


These theories are considered to enhance and challenge the whole child and stimulate each child’s stages of development. Our facility will foster a nurturing, loving, and safe environment where your child will feel comfortable while learning foundational skills that will enable them to have a successful cognitive, behavioral, and emotional adaptive childhood. We will continue to grow with your child and the environment around us. We pride ourselves in our educated teachers, innovative learning styles, specialized training, and creative teaching styles. We are so proud to be a part of the children of our future. 

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