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What do we do here?

At Tiny Toes, we strive to provide our students aged 6 months to 5 years with an enriching and rewarding early childhood education experience. We believe that the foundation of any education should be based on the principles of care, play and exploration. We have a set of 4 hour and 2 hour classes that incorporate a Montessori- based circle time, music, exercise, gross motor, language and literacy, fine motor and sensory activities. These activities are a great evaluation of developmental milestones. We offer classes up to 6 days a month to meet our ECE requirements. We understand that each child is unique and we will work as a team to meet each child's needs. With our passionate and dedicated teachers, your child is sure to get the best start in life.

Our Curriculum

Tiny Toes adheres to a holistic, Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach of early childhood education.  When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave our Enrichment Center, they will have some preparation for the next stage of their young lives.

What does
a day with us look like? 

Our typical daily schedule provides a well-rounded, enriching experience for our students. It includes activities such as circle time, story time, art projects, outdoor play, snack time, and group games. With this schedule, students have the opportunity to learn, explore, and grow in a safe and fun environment.

​Some of our daily activities include, but are not limited to:

  • -family greeting                            -circle time

  • -center play                                 -group activity

  • -creative movement time         -gross motor activity

  • -story time                                    -sensory play

  • -problem solving                          -reflection time

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